9.2 Accommodation of vibrations

Vibrations within machines and aggregates will quickly lead to breakages of permanently installed pipes. These problems can be avoided by using specifically designed Rattay stainless steel metal hoses or Rattay stainless steel compensators. Primarily there are two solution options.

9.2.1 Installation in a 90-degree elbow and installation in 90-degree angle

9.2 Aufnahme von Schwingungen, Einbau im 90-Grad-Bogen

9.2.1 Installation in 90-degree elbow

Minimum installation distance E given by the minimum bending radius

The nominal length and leg length of a permanently installed 90° elbow for vibration absorption is calculated based on the following formulas: see Example 5

E mm installation distance
NL mm total length of the metal hose
r mm installation radius
l mm length of a sealing part.

Example 5



Rattay stainless steel corrugated hose DN 20 Type HR I/S, on both sides loose-type flange, Fig. 114.


l = 43 mm

r = 360 mm (= r min) see hose table

NL = 2.3 · 360 + 2 · 43 = 914 mm

E = 1.365 · 360 + 43 = 534.4 mm

9.2.2 Installation in a 90-degree angle

The leg lengths E depend on the installation circumstances and the prevailing vibrations.