Compensator Types

Rattay compensators are ideal components for accommodating any movements in pipes. They compensate movements that occur during operation, such as expansion, vibrations, etc. Various basic types are manufactured depending on the direction of the movement in terms of the pipe axis.

Axial compensators

These are used to compensate axial movements. By means of a suitable design, they can also absorb angular and lateral movement.

Angular compensators

They are suitable to accommodate angular movements and are generally equipped with joints that absorb the axial reaction forces. However due to these tension forces, they are not suitable for use as individual units to compensate combined movements. When pipelines are constructed, they are used to create joint systems that can easily accommodate large movements on any level.

Lateral compensators

These are used to compensate lateral movements (offset). They have braces that absorb axial reaction forces and are therefore not suitable for other types of movement. These braces are available both in a joint model and also a tie rod model.

As a manufacturer of the following models, we have extensive calculation procedures that allow us to design the parts to the optimum for the respective application.  
Our modern production procedures guarantee fault-free operation, long service lives and a high level of safety.  

Application examples for compensators

All-joint-ball compensator (AGK)

Used for above and below ground installations in supply lines (also available with DVGW-approval).

Available nominal widths: DN 50 – DN 1800
Pressure level: PN 1 – PN 100

Rattay compensators - All-joint-ball compensator (AGK)

Angular axial compensator (ANAX)

Used for underground installations in mining subsidence regions and above-ground installations (also available with DVGW-approval).

Available nominal widths: DN 50 – DN 1800
Pressure level: PN 1 – PN 100

Rattay - Angular axial compensator (ANAX)

Semi-shell compensators

For mounting above damaged compensators on site without dismantling the old compensator.

Rattay Halbschalen-Kompensatoren

Rectangular compensators

Single or multi-layer rectangular compensators in all dimensions available.

Rattay Rechteck Kompensatoren

Stave compensators

In recent years, more than 200,000 stave compensators have been installed in  blast furnaces across the world.

Structure: stainless steel bellows material: 1.4571*, single or multi-layer with or without external protection pipe.  
* other materials available on request

Rattay - patentierte Stave-Kompensatoren

Special compensators

For exhaust air, hot air for general use.
Available nominal widths: DN 80 – DN 16,000.


  1. Incoloy and Hasteloy materials
  2. Stainless steels
  3. Aluminium and copper materials
  4. Carbon steels